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IT Management Services from Concordant Technology

We started out supporting small businesses and understand that technology isn’t everyone’s priority, at least until it stops working. As such, Concordant Technology Management offers a flexible and bespoke IT Management solution for each and every client based not only on business and technological needs, but on your people too. By understanding your day-to-day operations we can ensure you only commit to the services and technology that you need.

In most cases we become part of your team and will pro-actively look after as much or as little as you need us to. From “everything IT” down to a single system or device, we will work with your to get the most from your IT.

The key benefits of Managed IT with Concordant Technology Management are:

  • Identification and ongoing appraisal of your IT system requirements
  • Proactive monitoring of systems to reduce callouts
  • Guidance through the complex web of IT security and compliance
  • Implementation of new software, hardware and systems
  • Good old-fashioned technical support, on tap

How do we 'manage' technology?

Business Alignment

Most businesses make use of computers and technology. Larger companies deploy entire teams devoted to asking, and answering, a very important question; are the IT systems we use the right ones for our business and our processes?

For smaller companies it can be hard to find the time – and often the motivation or courage – to challenge whether we are being economic with our use of technology. 

CTM will appraise all of your IT systems and consider whether each one is fit for purpose, and how they complement each other as part of your wider technology landscape across the business. For specialist, or industry-specific, software we will work with you to evaluate alternatives using your expertise in your industry and our experience of how IT can not only solve problems but also create them.

Helpdesk Services

Concordant will support you and your teams and respond to all service requests within an agreed timeframe. We gain an understanding of your whole IT infrastructure in order to categorise and prioritise all requests.

This ensures your IT runs smoothly, and those that are most in need of help receive it first.

Partner Service Management

As well as providing front line IT support for your users, will liaise with all 3rd party suppliers and support teams to help your specialist systems run as efficiently as possible, and if required can also provide in-house solutions for:

  • File backup
  • Microsoft 365 licensing
  • Microsoft 365 backup
  • Helpdesk request management
  • Remote monitoring and patch management
  • Remote support
  • Telephone solutions
  • Managed WiFi

Configuration Management

Day-to-day tasks including user management, device management and system administration.

Use CTM as the master administrator for your systems and enjoy peace of mind that your business critical software and passwords are under our protection. This greatly increases the security of your data and reduces the risk of sabotage and data loss through user error, all of which results in less downtime and more efficient IT assets.

Network Infrastructure

Efficient and reliable network infrastructure forms the backbone of modern businesses.

With Concordant Technology managing your IT we can design, implement, and maintain a robust network architecture tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s establishing secure connections, optimising network performance, or expanding infrastructure to accommodate growth, we ensure that your network operates seamlessly, allowing your business to thrive in today’s interconnected world.


Strategic procurement is vital in securing the right technology resources for your organisation’s success.

CTM can assist in streamlining the procurement process by guiding you in selecting the best hardware, software, and services that align with your business objectives, and where necessary, acting as a direct supplier.

From vendor selection to negotiation and project implementation, the aim is to maximise the value you get from IT assets while minimising all costs, ensuring you invest in solutions that fuel your business.

Budgets and Finance

Effective IT budgeting is essential for optimising any technology investments while maintaining control of your ongoing costs. We collaborate with you to develop tailored budget plans aligned with your business goals.

Our approach involves a financial analysis of your current spend, cost optimisation strategies, and proactive planning to ensure that your IT platform not only sustains your business, but helps to generate significant returns.

Governance and Compliance

Governance in IT involves making decisions that align the interests of the company and the IT department, not one or the other.

No one can claim to know everything about IT, so we offer advisory services to help you navigate the complex web of compliance and where needed, we will do the research into specific regulations. Our focus is on establishing governance frameworks and helping you to create internal guidelines and processes that harmonise business objectives with your organisation’s specific IT capabilities and constraints.

Not only does this help you stay compliant, there’s an emphasis on  promoting organisational agility, security, compliance, and innovation while delivering value across all business functions.

Computer Repairs for Business

Small Business Callouts

We understand that for some sole traders and small businesses, a monthly IT support contract can be cost prohibitive and so we offer a pay-as-you-go option to give you flexibility. No monthly fee, just an hourly rate plus any replacement parts.

Just get in touch when you need us and we will give you an estimate before attending site or collecting equipment for repair.

Small Business Support Agreements

If you think you will need regular support or further assistance managing your IT – from adding users to maintaining services – we can create a bespoke quote based on your requirements.

We can wrap any combination of services and service levels into a monthly fee, and agree a rate for anything you wish to pay-as-you-go. This can help keep the monthly cost down.

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