Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Reliable WiFi installation and management for home and business

Managed WiFi Solutions

Wireless networks needn’t be complicated. Business and enterprise-grade WiFi is more affordable than you realise.

Our managed solution includes a cloud controller that links all of your access points, allowing your devices to roam between areas without needing to switch networks or reconnect. Explore a range of equipment to suit all budgets including small throughput and large throughput access points, wireless links between buildings and managed switches.

Key Benefits of Managed WiFi

What does the Cloud Controller do?

Your wireless hardware will be fully provisioned to our Cloud Controller combining enterprise performance, unlimited scalability and email alerting of faults and problems.

The controller supports multiple networks / SSID allowing segregated user and guest access. Full management features allow bandwidth to be limited (or unlimited) for certain users, devices, or entire networks. All users can roam between access points without the need to disconnect and reconnect to the nearest hotspot – a common problem in unmanaged environments.

The controller also supports hotspot functionality, turning your WiFi into a revenue stream or, perhaps more importantly, simply to provide a registration portal so you know who is using your network. Divert new users to a custom landing page or allow them to browse without intervention. The choice is yours!

Concordant Technology can use the controller to monitor your WiFi network and remotely manage multiple devices across multiple sites, with alerts sent by the system should any faults arise.

Home Office Installations

The aftermath of the Covid pandemic sees many of us working from home at least some of the time.

We can assess and improve on your existing IT setup or be involved from the start and help you to create the perfect office.

If you’re looking at a complete refit or an extension, we partner with local tradesmen or if it’s part of an even bigger project we’ll work with your builders and take care of the IT requirements.

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