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We help businesses and organisations get more from their online presence by building attractive and bespoke websites. Every project we take on is built from scratch and we can provide full content management so you can keep on top of the day to day updates, or we can support you into the future by managing your site for you.

Custom and mobile friendly designs

Our relaxed and friendly approach means you’ll get the end result you wanted.

You’ll be the proud owner of a professionally designed website that meets your exact requirements.

Every site we build is responsive, meaning it’s mobile friendly and adaptable to variations in screen size. This ensures anyone visiting your site gets to see the best version for their device.

Website Development Stages

Every project is different, and all of them are equally important to us. Your website will certainly be no exception to the rule!

We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses and as such work flexibly with you because we understand priorities can shift overnight! To keep your website on track we will structure the project into stages and set the initial deadlines, but will work at a pace that suits you to reach each milestone.

Once your site is complete we can continue to support you for as long as you wish with options for ongoing maintenance, content updates and feature improvements.



Ideas & Learning

Ideas & Learning

Design & Draft

Design & Draft








Once you’ve made an enquiry. We’ll talk and get an idea of the scope of the project and arrange to come and see you, or meet for a cuppa.

At this stage we will get a feel for your business and the challenges you are facing with your online presence. We will discuss potential solutions including hosting platforms, functionality and website structure.

Before moving to the next stage we will give you our recommended solution together with an estimate of the work involved by presenting you with a detailed proposal.

Ideas & Learning

By this point we have a good understanding of what you’re looking for but we will need to find out more about what you do, what makes you special and what other similar organisations are doing online. We’ll look at any sketches or ideas you or your team may have, your brand guidelines, any other websites you like the look of and complement this with our own ideas.

We will think through the functionality required, look at design trends, and consider standards for your industry.

This will all provide inspiration for the next phase – designing the website!

Designs & Draft

Often the longest stage! This is where we put pen to paper and create templates for an attractive homepage and up to three more depending on the project – usually a standardised content page, or sub-page, will be one of these.

In most cases you’ll be given two or three contrasting versions of each to choose from. We will press forward with your favourite style, possibly incorporating some elements that you liked from the discarded versions, all the while advising and guiding you toward one final design that you are happy with.

Once you’re happy, we get that in writing and start putting it all together.

Website Build

Now we take the agreed design and code it into a website. We’ll create a responsive product that will look great on mobile, tablet and desktop PC and test it so it works as intended on different devices and screen sizes.

This is when we put the content together and will be asking you to provide the text for each page, and copies of any images to be used. If we need to use stock imagery we will discuss costs before carefully selecting images for you to choose from.

Then as if by magic (although it’s not really) you will have a working site ready to review.


We’re very close now to showing your website off to the world. But before we launch we want to be sure you’re happy with it.

The next step is to look at the entire website together, or you can do this at your own leisure. You may even prefer to go through it privately with your team and then meet with us afterwards.

We will be double checking for any typing errors, and making sure the functionality and menus are all working as expected.

Whilst we’ve already agreed the overall design, layout and content this will be your chance to let us know any of the finer details that you’d like to change. You want the buttons to be purple instead of green? Sure!


Once everyone is happy the site can go live for the world to see.

After a week or two we’ll check in with you and see if there are any small alterations you’d like made as part of the project.


After your site is live we can continue to work with you through our support packages: 

Hosting Only

We’ll host your site on our servers and take care of any server issues. Any domain names hosted by us or additional features that were part of the initial build are kept online.

Website Maintenance

We will keep your site up to date with the latest plugins, and ensure everything is running smoothly. You will be responsible for content and updating your site.

Content Updates

Let us know what needs amending, provide us with the details and we will take care of it. We will track changes made and audit the site every week so that any time-critical or out-of-date content is removed.

Website Management

The full monty! For those who would like ongoing design changes and assistance with content creation – including new pages, functionality, graphics, imagery and copy writing. We’ll work alongside you to get the best out of your new digital footprint.

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