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Whether a home or business user, it’s never been tougher to keep nasties from invading your PC. With relentless spam and phishing emails sometimes one click of a link is all it takes to open the door to intruders, or a barrage of unwanted and often unpleasant pop-ups.

We will carry out virus / spyware removal to include trojans, pop-ups, browser extensions and more. We’ll investigate, clean up and help you select the perfect protection for the future.

Protect Yourself

We’ll help you avoid catastrophe by recommending a security solution to suit your devices. By not partnering with any of the major software publishers Concordant can provide honest and impartial advice when selecting a security provider, many of which are free for home users.

For those wanting extra peace of mind we can provide a remote monitoring service with an optional integrated antivirus solution. We will be alerted to any issues on your device which may require attention.

Ransomware: the grim reality

In most cases a computer infected with this particular type of virus will need to be restored to its factory settings. The most effective way to protect yourself from ransomware is to ensure you have a regular backup of your files for a stress-free reload of your device. Click here for more information on backing up your data with Concordant.

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